Dorrith en Marlous de Roode

Les Soeurs Rouges

Verkeerstoren Ypenburg

Verkeerstorenplein 1 (Hoek Verkeerstorenlaan)

Les Soeurs Rouges

Dorrith de Roode and Marlous de Roode work together by the name LES SOEURS ROUGES. The fashionlabel is consist out of fashion- bags and accessories, started more than seven years ago by the sisters. The designs they make are self designed and handmade.
Fashion is in the genes with also a grandfather, grandmother and mother who are (still) active in the fashion-industry. The sisters have the undiscovered family company, which is fictional started in 1920 the birthdate of grandma, almost 100 years later. The concepts of the collections often go back to the period wherein their grandma have grown up, combined with the lost treasures from the city where come from: The Hague, ‘s-Gravenhage or in French La Haye.

History is the biggest inspiration source of LES SOEURS ROUGES. Next to the fact that they would like to go literally about heading the borders with their collections, is the love for history also the reason why they choose a French name for there label. About 200 year’s ago they spoke French during the French regime in our parlament city The Hague.


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